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I finally get it! Do you?

I grew up eating regular old white on white spaghetti. As a runner in college, it was a major staple in my diet and that of my team mates. Pasta with sauce. Pasta with butter. Pasta with nothing on it. I’m guessing I ate two pounds or more per week back than. I remember the […]

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Do you have a TIME Problem?

In the past couple years since I wrote 50 Athletes Over 50, I have talked to a lot of people about the challenges they have in getting the health, body, fitness, and energy they want. I have to say, that the most frequent challenge I hear about is lack of time. We live in a […]

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I'm at it again…Blogging!

My last blog post was over a year ago on my 50 Athletes Over 50 blog site. On that site, I blogged weekly about the people I interviewed for the book and I also blogged about what I was experiencing and learning as I wrote the book. The book is out and is selling well. […]

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