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The Practical Side of Being Fit

Last night, I was traveling back to my home in Colorado from the East coast and had an eye-opening experience, that demonstrated to me a very practical side of being fit. I was making a connection in the Washington Dulles airport, with a very tight connecting flight, due to my previous flight being delayed 30 […]

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What will be your Wow in 2012?

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have been doing the P90X workouts for a couple years, and I love them. Well, the next version of this great workout series, P90X2 just came out. I will be starting these workout in January 2012. How will you challenge yourself in […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Alexis Grewal on staying strong and healthy

I recently met Alexis Grewal, 1984 Olympic cycling gold medalist. He wrote this article as the forward for my book Dream It, Lice It, Love It:Beyond Well, Beyond 50. I thought you would enjoy the insights of an Olympian as he makes a comeback in competitive cycling at age 50. “In ages past athletics prepared […]

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Facts to get motivated to eat healthy and exercise

The following facts and statements provide a glimpse at the negative impact that lack of exercise and poor nutrition have on us. According to the American Heart Association, physical inactivity is the primary cause of heart disease.  A classic study on the improvement in longevity through regular lifetime physical activity, showed that physical fitness and […]

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Why you are in a fight for your life: You have to fight to get younger and feel better.

You are in a fight for your life, you know. Are you fighting hard enough? Up until about a century ago, we humans did not live much beyond our 30th birthday. We typically were killed off by disease, predators, or violence. The world was a much less friendly place up until the last one hundred […]

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What will your young and healthy life be like after 50?

  My first book, 50 Athletes Over 50, was based in many interviews with people who are living extremely healthy lives far beyond the age of 50. In this article I share some of the important lessons I learned from these amazing people. After developing a list of interview questions, I began my search for […]

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How I got started writing my first book about staying young and healthy

My wake-up call came in the form of a medical check-up that I had in my mid-thirties when I complained to my doctor about lower back pain, acid reflux, and a few other small ailments. As he responded to me half-jokingly that I was “on schedule,” I started to realize that maybe I needed to […]

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Do you wish you felt younger and had more energy?

Nancy rummaged through the closet looking for her son’s favorite toy. It was the one that he loved to nap with. The one for which he was now crying. Reaching behind a box of old VHS tapes, her hand landed not on the fuzzy Tigger toy, but on a small piece of glossy cardboard. When […]

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Can music inspire us to a successful healthy lifestyle?

I was watching television one night that past week and came across an interview with Rodrigo Y Gabriela, a musical duo that you can marvel at in this video. Give a listen and if you have musical tastes anything like mine, you will be WOWed! Beyond their music being just amazing, what I loved about […]

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