Do you wish you felt younger and had more energy?

Nancy rummaged through the closet looking for her son’s favorite toy. It was the one that he loved to nap with. The one for which he was now crying. Reaching behind a box of old VHS tapes, her hand landed not on the fuzzy Tigger toy, but on a small piece of glossy cardboard. When she pulled it from its hiding place, she saw that it was a photo of her and her husband before they had their first child. Nancy stared fondly at the picture while memories and emotions stirred. “What a great time we had back then”, she thought.

Leaving the room with the photo in hand, Nancy passed by the full length mirror and noticed how different she looked than her image in the picture. The years of mom-hood had been a wonderful journey, one that she cherished each and every day. Looking again at the picture, it was hard for her to recall what it felt like to have the shape of the woman in the photo. She could not recall the feelings of tiredness and of being overwhelmed that she often experienced these days. “I wish I could look like that again and have the energy I used to”, she said to the mirror.

There are tens of millions of Nancies around the country. In fact, their numbers are growing. Many men and women alike go through every day wishing they could look better and feel better. They wish that they could complete the day without the feeling of exhaustion they so often have. They wish they could fit into their old clothes and feel good about themselves when they go to a pool party.

In their thirties and forties women often find that they have given and given, yet let their own health and well-being slide. Men on the other hand, find that their drive to succeed and provide for their families has led them to a place where it is hard for them to be the father, husband and employee that they would like to be. Both men and women are tired of being tired.

The number of tired and unfit men and women are on the rise. The lousy job market and languishing economy are putting further pressure on people. The stress from these modern day pressures often leads to poorer eating and sleeping habits, resulting in even lower energy and often poor health or illness. These cultural and worldwide economic conditions are unlikely to change anytime soon, and it is up to Nancy and those like her to take matters into their own hands and turn the tide.

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll sharing concepts, that when implemented, will transform the way you look and feel beyond what you can now envision. They will help you dig those pants out of the closet. You know, the ones behind that box of old VHS tapes. You’ll shake the dust off of them, walk over to that full length mirror, give it that big old smile and yell to your husband that you’d like to go to the pool.


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