Why you are in a fight for your life: You have to fight to get younger and feel better.

You are in a fight for your life, you know. Are you fighting hard enough?

Up until about a century ago, we humans did not live much beyond our 30th birthday. We typically were killed off by disease, predators, or violence. The world was a much less friendly place up until the last one hundred years or so. Also, consider that our optimal child bearing years are in our twenties.  Our genes have long been conditioned by this history and thus are not programmed to support us living much beyond thirty-five years of age.  The genetic cards are stacked against us living a long and healthy life. Charged by thousands or maybe millions of years of genetic card stacking, it is an unfair battle. In the grand schema of the universe, we have used up our usefulness by our mid-thirties, but society has managed to eliminate many of the threats that took us down in our early years in previous centuries. This is a major reason why, if we want to live a long, vibrant and healthy life, we need to be prepared to do unnatural things and fight the forces of the ages.

So why fight? Beyond our instinct to fight for our life, we want to live to see our children and grandchildren grow. We want to share in their lives for as long as possible. We want to be able to experience the grand adventures that life holds for us. We want to make significant contributions to our communities and our society. We want to watch the world change and experience all that it has to offer. We want to live a strong, healthy life!

What are you doing to fight this war of ages? How are you fighting to get younger and feel better?

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